Dental fillings play an integral part in dentistry. Right from replacing cavity/decay of a tooth upto creating miracles of changing the look of the teeth dental filling can alone manage entire makeover of your teeth.
With the need of cosmetic dental fillings , traditional filling materials like silver amalgam is no longer desirable to use. Impressionz dental care keeps international norms of mercury free clinic as WHO in 1991 claims that mercury absorption is 4 times higher from amalgam fillings and mercury vapors are highly toxic in nature.

We have numerous types of fillings depending on the nature of requirement:

  • Permanent composite fillings: They are largely used to fill cavities of teeth or as veneers or laminates to change the shape, shade or size of the teeth and as post fillings after rootcanals.
  • Fluoride/ calcium releasing fillings: They are mostly used to treat sensitivity of the teeth or to protect the pulp of the teeth in case of deep cavities.
  • Semi-permanent fillings: They are majorly used in milk teeth or in permanent teeth which are to be kept under observation.
  • Preventive fillings: They are also called as sealants which are used to seal the teeth as precautions to protect them from future decay.

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