Scaling & Cleaning

Now treatment for bleeding and painful gums is possible in the matter of minutes. Bad breath and other problems of gums can be accurately solved by simple gum treatments. With the help of advanced gum procedures.
Gums or gingiva is the imp structure which holds the tooth structure in place. Its imp to understand that 95% times the reason of a tooth loss is poor gum health and not caries.The only way to achieve a healthy oral environment is healthy gums.

Poor Gum health can be due to various reasons like :

  • Plaque and calculus
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • Medications etc
dental plaque
bad breath

Treatment of bad breath, bleeding / painful gums :

It is seen that almost all individual lack straight teeth. Thus even after proper brushing techniques some amount of food deposition remains. This is major reason for plaque and calculus formation which leads to :

  • Bad breath
  • Bleeding and painful gums
  • Infection

So its mandatory to get scaling done regularly at the interval of every six months.


Dark gums results from heavy melanin deposition in in your superficial tissue layer of your gums/gingiva. Your perfectly aligned teeth set or your beautiful pearls can be over shadowed due to your dark gums!!
Don't let it ruin your smile. With the help of depigmentation procedure get a healthy pink gorgeour gums without any pain or discomfort.



Excessive gum show during smiling or commonly known as gummy smile can really turn down ones confidence or can make you conscious everytime you want to laugh whole heartedly
Gingivectomy or treatment of gummy smile can be done by removing that extra bit of gum, which can certainly give your smile a make over of life time. It can also make your small teeth look bigger giving you the smile you always wanted. Totally painless and affordable.