Laminate & Veneer's

Ceramic Veneers / Laminates : They are natural teeth looking thin ceramic shells that are bonded to your existing teeth with minimum or no preparation.

Composite / Direct Laminates : We can use tooth coloured permanent fillings to bring about any changes we desire.

crown bridges

Crowns / Caps :

They are metal-ceramics or metal free / zirconia crowns that fully envelope the teeth. Best suited to restore fractured or broken down teeth or to bring about huge changes to give you a complete new look!! Impressionz Dental Care offers a life time warranty on metal free / zirconia crowns. Metal free crowns give excellent esthetics with exceptional beauty, strength and good marginal fitting.

Tooth Jewellery

You can add a spark to your teeth with that increasingly trendy tooth jewellery. You can choose from number of shape, size and colour of those tiny diamonds that can give a punch of dazzle to your teeth! what more.. its not permanent and can be easily removed when not desired and while its on you can eat, drink and brush routinely without its risk of coming out!!