A complete alignment of your teeth set is now possible in the matter of just 12 months making it a very comfortable option for any age group including adults. Introduction of invisible or lingual braces makes you confident in your social life without even revealing that you have opted for one!!
“Braces “or “wires” are the most common terminologies used in reference to orthodontic treatment . More popular amongst kids, orthodontic treatment is an excellent option for all age group where teeth straightening or alignment is concerned in its most natural way!!
Malocclusion or irregular teeth needs attention not only because of cosmetic purpose but also because malocclusion causes many other problems like..

  • Increase risk of decay due to inability to brush or floss the teeth well.
  • Tooth wear or grinding of teeth
  • Increased risk of accidental trauma
  • Altered speech
  • Poor aesthetic

In today’s world where looks or esthetics are prime concern, an early detection of malocclusion and its treatment can make a child much more confident to evolve as an individual who is ready to face the peer pressure of the society.
Early age attendance to orthodontic problems gives us the opportunity to treat the patient in lesser time because in such case we get an option of designing and formulating the smile in respect to the unerupted teeth which can be aligned and repositioned by creating spaces. Thus there is no need to extract teeth or spend more time with braces!!
Also its never too late to get orthodontic treatment even for adults provided you have a healthy set of gums and bone.
Impressionz dental care gives you the opportunity to choose from lots of options in orthodontics according to your need and requirement. So get the invisalign treatment done in mumbai from Dr Sandeep Singh who is known as braces specialist in mumbai.

Metal Braces

They are the most commonly used and traditional form of orthodontics which is popular amongst kids where the love to change different colour of elastic chains.

metal braces
invisalign braces in mumbai

Invisalign Braces

They are different set of orthodontic treatment where the brackets are replaced by a series of clear overlay templates called aligners.
They are used to make minor or gradual changes by wearing one tray for a given period of time replacing it through the next in series.
These trays are computer generated and are transparent ,again making it invisible or esthetic!!

Ceramic Braces

They are the latest in braces where the brackets are tooth coloured ceramic ones which makes them less visible and more aesthetic.

ceramic braces
lingual braces

Lingual or Invisible Braces

They are the breakthrough in braces and are immensely popular in adults who are aesthetically conscious and can’t manage wearing one those are visible .
Lingual or invisible braces are applied on the backside of teeth and are extremely comfortable. Thus you get your teeth aligned without revealing that you are wearing one!!