Every child born into this world is a new thought of god, an ever fresh and radiant possibility. Impressionz dental care a has a warm, caring and child friendly environment where we want every child to enjoy the dental experience while we simultaneously inculcate in him/her the importance of healthy teeth and the need of preventive dental care.
Love for chocolates, or sweets or junk food is inseparable from kids, but this should not take a toll on the teeth of your little angel!!

Apart from this various other reasons like bottle feeding, thumb sucking, tongue thrusting or improper brushing can majorly effect their teeth. In such scenario its important to understand the importance of preventive dentistry to give your kids a healthy set of dentition for life time!!

Treatment of Dental Caries / Decay


    Various fillings are used to fill in the cavity of children’s teeth depending on whether it is milk teeth or permanent .semi permanent Fluoride releasing, calcium hydroxide fillings, light cure permanent fillings, etc are used.


    Prevention is better than cure. As we know Dental/tooth cavity is the most common dental disease in children. Sealants help in preventing tooth decay or reduce the incidence of decay by applying them to your childs teeth. Sealant is a clear plastic like material which is used to seal the deep grooves of the chewing surface of the teeth in order to protect the enamel from the effects of plaque and acid release from the food. Sealants are applied on the back teeth ( molars and premolars) where cavity occurs the most. Its most effective in kids of age 6 and more.


    The role of fluoride in preventing dental caries is undoubtedly evident. In case of topical fluoride application the reduction in caries experience in children can reach up to 60%.The number of topical fluoride applications per year depends on the caries risk of a particular child, but a minimum of two applications is considered the optimum in most cases.

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If pulp of a teeth (milk/permanent) is infected, extraction of the teeth can be avoided by pulpotomy or pulpectomy procedures. In this way we can save the teeth, avoiding the childs discomfort of chewing food until the next successor permanent teeth erupts.

Habit breaking appliance

Habits like thumb/finger sucking, tongue thrusting, prolonged bottle feeding can cause evident ill effects on the childs teeth. Its necessary to stop such habits to prevent permanent changes in the teeth set.
Orthodontic appliances are given for some period to break such habits. They are temporary and comfortable to wear, which gradually breaks the childs habit.